By Ganesh Sitaraman, Policy Director

Scott Brown and the Republican Party love to talk about how fiscally responsible they are.

But an independent analysis reported in the Boston Globe says that Elizabeth’s economic proposals “would trim 67 percent more from the debt over 10 years than those offered by Brown.”

Scott Brown’s grandstanding about the debt and deficit is just that — grandstanding. Make sure your friends and family know who is really going to turn our economy around.

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Scott Brown supports the extreme right-wing proposals of Grover Norquist and marches side-by-side with the same Washington Republicans that blew a massive hole in the federal budget.

Scott Brown has protected tax breaks for millionaires and failed to close corporate loopholes that cost the federal government billions of dollars.

Here’s what Elizabeth wants to do:

  • End Tax Breaks for the Wealthiest Americans: Return to the Clinton Era tax rates for the wealthiest, and end special breaks that allow millionaires and billionaires to pay a lower tax rate than middle class families.
  • Cut Subsidies to Big Oil: End special breaks to some of the most profitable companies in America.
  • Save Money on Defense: End the war in Afghanistan consistent with the safety of our troops, and save money by aligning our defense budget with our strategic goals.

Elizabeth will also fight for real Wall Street accountability, for a level playing field for small businesses, and for investments in our future — both to strengthen our economy and give everyone a fair chance at success. And she’ll do it without threatening Social Security or Medicare benefits.

Let your friends and family know: Elizabeth is the more fiscally responsible candidate in this race. Sign on to her economic plan now.