By Lauren Miller, New Media Director

Today, Elizabeth received the endorsement of the Attleboro Sun Chronicle. They wrote:

“America needs to get moving again. Too many citizens are in search of jobs for which they’re either inadequately trained or which aren’t there at all. The nation’s infrastructure is crumbling. The federal debt is crushing, a threat to generations to come and to the nation’s reputation in the international arena. The gap between rich and poor has grown ominously.

In the race for U.S. Senate Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren’s campaign platform represents a hopeful road map out of this miasma. She has targeted education as the means to qualify for 21st century jobs, calls for a rebuilding of the infrastructure, advocates a housing policy that could, among other things, clear up the backlog of foreclosures from the 2008 meltdown. We heartily endorse a vote for Warren on Nov. 6.

On one thing we are sure – this nation is in a hole. Brown’s promises would dig it deeper. Warren’s offer hope for climbing out of it. The choice is clear: Elizabeth Warren for U.S. Senate.”

You can read the entire endorsement here.