By Elizabeth Warren

JPMorgan Chase revised its numbers.

Since announcing an incredible $2 billion trading loss 12 days ago, the megabank has now lost another $1 billion, and maybe more, in just a few days.

CEO Jamie Dimon is still claiming that it was just a sloppy mistake — that JPMorgan doesn’t need government oversight and accountability. But what if the next loss is $20 billion? Or more?

Tens of thousands of people have already signed my petition to Congress to pass a modernized Glass-Steagall Act that will stop investment banks from gambling with money from people’s savings and checking accounts. Will you join them?

For me, the basic idea is simple: banking should be boring.

Checking accounts, savings accounts — the things you and I rely on every day — should be separated from the kind of risk taking that JPMorgan and the Wall Street traders want to take.

For decades, the Glass-Steagall Act acted as a wall to separate hedge funds and risky investment banking from ordinary commercial banking. But in 1999, Congress repealed Glass-Steagall. This past week has reminded us that Glass-Steagall is as important as ever.

Please join tens of thousands of people in urging Congress to put Wall Street reform back on the table — and pass a new Glass-Steagall Act today.

Thank you for being a part of this campaign — and for helping to hold Wall Street accountable.