By Elizabeth Warren

Betsy DeVos is the worst Secretary of Education that this country has ever seen. And it’s not even close.

Here’s the latest reason why: At the end of July, it was reported she’s moving to make it easier for shady for-profit colleges to get away with cheating people.

She’ll let for-profit schools suck down taxpayer dollars even after they defraud their students with useless degrees – and she’ll make it harder for students to get relief on their loans after they’ve been cheated.

Plain and simple, Betsy DeVos wants more people to get ripped off.

And it stinks of corruption. At the Department of Education, Betsy DeVos has plucked her top aides from the for-profit college industry. Now, they’re padding the pockets of that sector.

Betsy DeVos doesn’t understand that the Department of Education should work for students – not the swindlers that her staff used to work for. Add your name to tell her to put the rules back in place to protect students from for-profit schools that cheat.

Let’s be clear: We’re talking about veterans, single moms, and other people who are doing exactly what everyone tells them they’re supposed to do. They’re getting an education to try to get a ticket to the middle-class.

But they get trapped by misleading marketing materials from garbage-dump schools – who promise students the moon and then fail to deliver. They end up with diplomas that are worth less than the paper they’re printed on. And we should have their backs.

Back when President Obama was in office, the Department of Education set up tough rules to hold shady for-profit schools accountable. (I sure do miss him.)

Once they were fully implemented, those rules would have helped students understand which colleges would give them the most bang for their buck, and they would have held schools accountable if they failed to deliver.

If graduates of for-profit colleges couldn’t get jobs that paid highly enough – compared to their student debt – their schools would have gotten cut off from federally guaranteed student aid like Pell Grants and GI Bill benefits.

And after two huge for-profit schools – Corinthian Colleges and ITT Technical Institute – went belly-up, the Department of Education worked to make it easier for students to get debt relief if they were defrauded by their colleges.

President Obama’s protections weren’t just good for students. They were good for honest schools, too – giving them a chance to compete with each other on equal, transparent terms. There’s no reason why colleges should be scared of proving that they’re good for their students – unless, of course, their entire business model is based on cheating as many students as possible.

I’ll keep fighting against Betsy DeVos’s war on students in every way that I can. Be a part of this fight, and let’s raise our voices together.

Sign our petition: Tell Betsy DeVos to protect students from getting cheated by greedy for-profit colleges.