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Elizabeth’s visit to Chicopee

Elizabeth was in Chicopee today! Back in March, Elizabeth had helped sponsor the Bellamy Middle School drill team in the Holyoke St. Patrick‚Äôs Day Parade. Today, she visited the drill team and met with a few classes. The Republican was there, and they filmed a terrific video of Elizabeth with the students. Take a look … Continued

Elizabeth on Hardball

In case you missed it – Elizabeth was on Hardball with Chris Matthews tonight. She talked about JPMorgan’s reckless $3 billion trading loss, the importance of real accountability for the big banks, and what electing Mitt Romney and Scott Brown will mean for Wall Street reform. If you didn’t see it, the interview’s up online. … Continued

Elizabeth’s Convention Speech

Last weekend, we made history at the Massachusetts Democratic Convention when Elizabeth secured the party’s nomination with 95% of delegate’ votes. How did she do it? Two words: Hard work. Both by Elizabeth — and by you. But Elizabeth also gave a killer speech during the convention in Springfield. If you weren’t in the hall, … Continued

Boston Pride

Elizabeth is proud that Massachusetts has led the nation in protecting and promoting equality for LGBT Americans – from marriage equality to the Transgender Equal Rights Bill. Today she joined Rep. Barney Frank and campaign supporters at the Boston Pride Parade. Take a look.  

Elizabeth Warren’s Convention Video

Elizabeth is about to take the stage at the Massachusetts Democratic Convention. The energy here is just incredible — I wish you could see it. The delegates here in Springfield are going to see a brand-new video today about why Elizabeth is in this race and who she’s fighting for. We wanted to make sure … Continued

I’m ready!

Incredible news: I just received the nomination of the Massachusetts Democratic Convention with 95% of the vote! This happened because we worked together — day after day after day — to build our grassroots support, and because we organized and organized — and then organized some more. Now it’s time to focus our energy on … Continued

All Aboard the Warren Express!

It’s time for the Massachusetts Democratic Convention! This afternoon, Elizabeth, her husband Bruce, daughter Amelia, and two graddaughters joined delegates from across the Commonwealth for a train ride from Boston to Springfield for the Massachusetts Democratic Convention. She was greeted at South Station by dozens of supporters, as well as Governor Michael Dukakis and Newton … Continued

Memorial Day in my family

I was only three years old when my brother Don joined the military, and my two other brothers would follow within a few years. I’m proud of my brothers — and I honor the courage, dedication, and sacrifice of all our service members and their families on Memorial Day and every day. Watch my special … Continued