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Banking should be boring

JPMorgan Chase revised its numbers. Since announcing an incredible $2 billion trading loss 12 days ago, the megabank has now lost another $1 billion, and maybe more, in just a few days. CEO Jamie Dimon is still claiming that it was just a sloppy mistake — that JPMorgan doesn’t need government oversight and accountability. But … Continued

She’s not afraid of anybody

During the height of the economic crisis, everyone was talking about the future of the banks and financial systems. But it was Elizabeth who spoke out for America’s working families, never letting anyone forget that the financial crisis started one lousy mortgage at a time. And it was Elizabeth who fought to create a Consumer … Continued

My Mom

You know those long family reunions, where people you barely know trap you with endless stories and bear hugs? Well, my mom loves them. Really. She’s always hatching the next plan to assemble the whole clan. Brothers, grandkids, cousins — even the second cousins and cousins once removed (and she’s the only person I know … Continued

Scott Brown’s new ad

Republican Senator Scott Brown just launched a brand-new TV ad. It’s what you would expect from a Senator who’s gone Washington: A misleading story about his so-called “independence” in the United States Senate. The facts don’t support Brown — and I don’t think Massachusetts voters will either. Here’s what Scott Brown doesn’t say in his … Continued

New TV Ad: “Rose Garden”

This week, we released a new TV ad with President Obama talking about the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and how we worked to get it started. Elizabeth Warren’s life’s work has been to stand up to Wall Street, the big banks and credit card companies — exposing their tricks and traps, demanding accountability, and … Continued