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Children in Prison Camps

Children in Prison Camps: Family Separation at the U.S.-Mexico Border Each story I hear about what’s going on right now at the U.S.-Mexico border feels like a kick in the teeth. Kids locked up like animals in cages made of fencing and wire. Others huddled together on cold metal benches and cement floor. Meanwhile, their … Continued

PHOTOS: Elizabeth Warren at Boston Pride

PHOTOS: Elizabeth Warren at Boston Pride Dancing? Check. Marching with Melissa Etheridge? Check. Fabulous feather boa? Check! Elizabeth loves Pride parades, and the 48th annual Boston Pride Parade was no exception. In fact, Boston Pride is one of her favorite days of the year — because it’s a day we all come together to celebrate … Continued


Here in Massachusetts, I love it when when people proudly come up to me and say, “I was with Jack Kennedy in 1960” or “I was with Teddy Kennedy in ’94.” The energy and passion hasn’t faded in their voices one bit – and it’s infectious. But there’s something different about the way people say: … Continued

In case you missed it

Did you see Elizabeth’s big speech? Friday night, Elizabeth and her grandson Atticus took the stage at the Massachusetts Democratic Party’s state convention – and Elizabeth officially received the party’s endorsement for reelection this November. Watch a clip of that special moment in Worcester: We’re only 5 months away from Election Day – and we’re … Continued

Your new favorite Pride shirt

Fun fact about Elizabeth Warren: She LOVES Pride Parades. The dancing, the music, the sunshine (we hope), and – most importantly – the huge, welcoming crowds affirming that love is love. Elizabeth is counting down the days until the Boston Pride Parade. And no matter where or how you’re celebrating, for yourself or the people … Continued

May Day

May Day is more than just a celebration of spring. It’s also International Workers’ Day – a chance to think about how we can make sure that hard work turns into fair pay and a fair opportunity for a decent life. The economy has been humming along nicely for people who are already at the … Continued

Ticker-tape parades and fireworks

April is National Social Security Month, which is a wonderful idea for a holiday. In my wildest dreams, Social Security would get regular ticker-tape parades and fireworks, complete with dancing in the streets. But let’s face it: Even though Social Security keeps 21 million seniors, Americans with disabilities, and survivors out of poverty, it doesn’t … Continued

Donald Trump sold out to Big Oil

On April 22, 2016 – exactly two years ago today – President Obama’s Secretary of State John Kerry and leaders from 174 other countries signed the Paris Agreement on climate change. It was an important day for our country and our planet. And then a year later, Donald Trump sold out to Big Oil and … Continued

They still fund guns

A month ago, we launched – a project to urge some of the country’s largest shareholders in gun companies to push them for responsible behavior. We have good news: This project is starting to get attention – and results. BlackRock – the world’s largest shadow bank – announced a few weeks ago that it … Continued

One in four

One in four Massachusetts residents knows someone who has died from an opioid overdose. Think about that: one in four. Picture all those empty seats at all those dinner tables. I don’t think there’s a single family in our Commonwealth that hasn’t been touched by this epidemic in some way. But even as states and … Continued