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Snake Oil

Last year, the Republicans in Congress sold snake oil to the American people. They introduced a tax bill that made the same promise we’ve been hearing for 30 years: “Cut taxes for billionaires and giant corporations, and those savings will trickle down into the paychecks of their employees.” Just because you say something over and … Continued

Jessica and Patrick

Patrick Downes doesn’t remember anything after the moment the bombs went off at the 2013 Boston Marathon. But his wife Jessica Kensky does. She remembers the smoke, the blood, and the screams. I met Jess in her hospital room at Boston Medical Center, shortly after both she and Patrick lost their left legs at the … Continued


In 2015, I visited the Greek island of Lesvos to see the Syrian refugee crisis up close. Every day, refugees set out on a journey of hundreds of miles, from Syria to the Turkish coast. When they arrived, human smugglers charged them $1000 a head for a place on a shoddy, overloaded, plastic raft that … Continued

Protect Mueller before it’s too late

Time may be running out. With every manic tweet, Donald Trump is bringing us closer to a constitutional crisis. Congress must immediately pass a bipartisan bill to ensure that Robert Mueller can complete a full, independent investigation. Let’s send a loud, clear message that no one is above the law – not even the President … Continued

Insurance companies are failing the American people

Insurance companies are failing the American people. We all know it. The cost of deductibles, out-of-pocket bills and prescription drugs are pushing families’ budgets to the breaking point – and even though the cost of insurance keeps going up, coverage isn’t getting better. The reason is simple: money. Private insurance companies are in the money-making … Continued

50 years ago today

On April 4,1968 – half a century ago today – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s life was cut short in Memphis, where he was fighting for dignity and justice for black sanitation workers. Last night, I joined a special service at Twelfth Baptist Church in Boston, a church held a special place in Dr. King’s … Continued

They fund guns

Enough is enough. In the 78 days of 2018, there have been 48 mass shootings across the country. Every 36 hours, innocent lives are cut short, families are torn apart, and the country is left wondering if there was any way to prevent this. It makes me sick to my stomach. We can’t afford to … Continued

I believe in you

I’m running for re-election in Massachusetts this November, and we’re building the biggest grassroots campaign our state has ever seen. But this fight was never just about me. This is our moment in history — and how it unfolds will be determined just as much by you and others in your state. We saw what’s … Continued

We lost.

Just a few moments ago, Senate Republicans – and some Democrats – passed a bill to gut the rules for 25-30 of the 40 biggest banks in the country. I introduced 17 amendments in the past week to show the serious flaws in this bill. One was to prevent rolling back the rules on any … Continued

How many stadiums are named after banks?

Pop quiz: How many of the big banks that would be deregulated by the Senate’s Dodd-Frank rollback bill have enough money to have sports stadiums or arenas named after them?   The bank lobbyists are working overtime to attack Elizabeth Warren and sell their reckless bill to the American people before they jam it through the … Continued