By Washington Examiner
More than two hundred Democrats in Congress are urging the Trump administration against implementing rules that would prohibit certain medical providers from talking to patients about abortion.
Democrats are responding to several news reports indicating that the Trump administration is considering blocking doctors and nurses from talking to patients about abortion if they work at facilities receiving federal funding under Title X, a grant program for family planning. Democrats object to such an arrangement, which they are calling a “gag rule,” they told Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar in letters sent from the House and Senate.
If implemented, the “gag rule” would “bar patients from receiving information to support their ability to make informed decisions about their own reproductive health,” wrote 45 Senate Democrats, led by Sens. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Patty Murray of Washington, Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire.
The Title X program covers 4 million low-income people, providing them with birth control, cancer screenings, and STD testing. The funds do not cover abortions but some facilities that receive the grants also provide abortions with separate funds.