By Boston Globe

US Senator Elizabeth Warren road-tested her populist, anti-Trump message Friday to the party faithful, framing her reelection bid as a revving fight for not just the party’s values but “for democracy itself.”

Headlining the opening night of the Democratic State Convention, Warren used the confab’s platform to hammer home her message of fighting inequality, the Republican-led Congress, and President Trump’s policies.

But in calling for help for the next five months, Warren sought to underline a vision beyond the coming election cycle.

“This administration has brought the crisis in our democracy to a breaking point,” Warren said to thousands of delegates inside the DCU Center. “You see it in the way this Republican Congress gives Donald Trump and his cronies a pass for all their incompetence, corruption, and bigotry.”

“We’re in this fight,” she later added, “and we’re ready to show the American people what we’re fighting for. . . . Together, we can save this democracy.”

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