By Washington Monthly

Months after all the talk about Democrats signing on to Medicare for All proposals, or attempts to move us in that direction, Senator Elizabeth Warren has proposed a plan to further regulate private insurers as a way to strengthen Obamacare. It is important to keep in mind that she remains a co-sponsor of the single payer bill introduced by Sen. Bernie Sanders, but here’s what she recently said about the politics of that:

…as Warren made clear in a January speech before the consumer group Families USA, she understands that enacting a single-payer plan would be difficult ― and that, as a result, private insurance probably won’t disappear overnight. And so she also wants to focus on what can be done right away to subject the industry to the type of stringent consumer protections she has already successfully championed in the financial sector.

“So long as private health insurance exists, we should require these companies to provide coverage that is at least as good and priced as reasonably as the coverage offered by our public health care programs,” Warren said in January.

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