By Mass Live

Raising concerns about the role U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh could have on decisions impacting LGBTQ issues, U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Massachusetts, urged Americans Wednesday to join her and others in speaking out against his confirmation.

The senator, in a conference call with human rights activists, argued that Kavanaugh, if confirmed, could shift the high court’s bench more in favor of corporations and powerful lobbyists — at the expense of women, the environment workers, civil rights and the LGTBQ community, among others.

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Noting that Kavanaugh was selected from a list of judges pre-vetted by conservative groups, Warren said he’s “a threat … to everyone who isn’t wealthy and well-connected.”

She urged supporters of gay and transgender rights to make their voices heard by urging against Kavanaugh’s confirmation in the U.S. Senate.

“(President Donald) Trump is not a king: He can’t nominate someone to the Supreme Court without a majority of support in the Senate. When people raise their voices, they get heard in Congress,” she said, pointing to the role public outcry played in preventing Republicans from repealing the Affordable Care Act last summer.

“If we raise our voices we have a chance to stay in this fight,” Warren continued. “We need just one vote — we needed three a year ago. If we can get one vote to join the Democrats, then we can push back on the Kavanaugh nomination.”

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