By Diane Masters

On Friday morning, Arlington Diner was packed and the crowd outside filled most of the block.

Word got out that Elizabeth Warren would be stopping by quickly, and Heather Fowles, the Co-Chair of the Arlington for Elizabeth steering committee, was thrilled with the crowd.

“This is fantastic, people are so enthusiastic. I have no idea how many people are here, but I know I don’t have enough sign-up sheets for all the people who want to volunteer. I brought sixty sheets with four slots on each sheet, and I am out of space.”

Long time Arlington resident Herb Rosenbluth sat on a bench holding a sign. He had not met Elizabeth before but was thoroughly impressed after talking with her. “She articulates her thoughts so clearly. We so need somebody like her. I think she will be able to work with the opposition to get things to move.”

Ron Sweet, an Arlington music instructor, took effort to meet Elizabeth on his way to the airport. “She understands the power needs to be taken away from corporations and returned to the citizens,” he said.


Elizabeth Warren - Arlington Diner

Elizabeth Warren - Arlington Diner