By Elizabeth Warren

Five years ago today, I was sworn in as a senator.

The whole day was a whirl. Vice President Biden cracking jokes as he swore me in. A ton of volunteers who made the trip from Massachusetts because this was their special day too. A cousin I hadn’t seen in years and years who showed up unannounced.

But I do remember the ring.

I don’t have a fancy wedding ring, just a plain gold band. But when my grandmother was in her 90s she gave me – the youngest granddaughter – her diamond ring. My cousin Tootsie, the oldest granddaughter, got her wedding band.

I’ve always kept the ring in a drawer. But when I was sworn in, I pulled it out and put it in my pocket.

My grandmother was a remarkable woman. She drove a horse-drawn wagon in Oklahoma territory. She married young, had ten children, and fought her way through the Dust Bowl and Great Depression. She was tough. Strong. Persistent. And I wanted a little piece of her with me when I was sworn in.

That was five years ago. I put the ring away, but I always keep a piece of my grandmother in my heart. And I keep a piece of all the people who showed up to cheer me on, all the people who volunteered, all the people who turned out to vote in Massachusetts back in 2012.

I ran for the Senate because I believe that some fights are important enough that you have to throw yourself into them and give it everything you’ve got. I believed that in 2012, and I’ve spent every day since then fighting for hard-working people who keep getting the short end of the stick.

I’m in this fight for re-election all the way. And I hope you’ll be in it with me.