By Diane Masters

As election day approaches, Elizabeth Warren’s campaign is getting ready for the big day. 

This weekend, more than 120 volunteers received training in Somerville for important roles on election day, and more trainings will be taking place all across the state.

Long time field organizer Nancy Stolberg explained the importance of GOTV training:

“For those who love the rush, and hate sitting around waiting for the polls to close, GOTV is a way to keep your mind off the outcome and help in the moment.  And every moment matters on Election Day.  Being efficient, quick, thoughtful and resourceful are the key traits needed.  You can be involved from the simplest tasks of supplying coffee to poll checkers, or run a whole precinct for the whole period.”

There is something for everyone to do: hold a sign, drive people to polls, bake, enter data, knock on doors and, of course, continue to recruit volunteers.  

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