This week, Congress will vote on Trade Promotion Authority (also known as "Fast Track").

Here's the bottom line: If Congress passes Fast Track, the people you sent to Congress will voluntarily give up a huge amount of power to change - or stop - bad trade deals.

Why is that so important? Fast track would not just apply to President Obama's TPP deal... It would apply to any trade deal made over the next six years.

So if a Republican becomes President in 2016, he or she will have the same Fast Track power to push a bad trade bill through Congress.

Deals that hurt American workers, hurt environmental regulations, even undermine our rules on Wall Street.

Mitch McConnell admits: This is why the GOP supports Fast Track.

No six year Fast Track. No Fast Track for deals with ISDS or Financial Regulations. No Fast Track until the TPP is made public. Sign Elizabeth's petition.