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Nevertheless, We Persist.

A person died, so this CEO isn’t getting a bonus

Imagine getting a phone call or turning on the news and finding out that dozens of homes in your hometown were suddenly exploding. Approximately 80 fires have broken out across the community, your neighborhood has been evacuated, and the gas to your home has been shut off indefinitely because it might be the next to … Continued

Aunt Max’s Turkey

Thanksgiving was always a big gathering in our family. The holiday brought in not only the local Oklahoma kinfolk, but also the cousins and in-laws and distant relatives that drove in from parts of Texas, Arkansas, and Kansas. That meant lots – and LOTS – of planning over who would bring what, how much, and so on. … Continued

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Warren grew up in a family hanging on by their fingernails to their place in the middle class. As a law professor, she became one of the nation’s top experts on bankruptcy and the financial pressures facing working families.

After the 2008 financial crisis, Elizabeth fought to protect taxpayers and hold Wall Street accountable. She is widely credited with the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau – a new agency to get the tricks and traps out mortgages, credit cards, and other financial products.

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