Pop quiz: How many of the big banks that would be deregulated by the Senate’s Dodd-Frank rollback bill have enough money to have sports stadiums or arenas named after them?  

The bank lobbyists are working overtime to attack Elizabeth Warren and sell their reckless bill to the American people before they jam it through the Senate this week.

We’ve put together this quiz to help show as many people as possible: This Wall Street reform rollback bill isn’t about helping small community banks. This bill is about helping some of the biggest banks in the country – banks that are doing so great that they’re putting their names on baseball stadiums and hockey arenas – to go back to gambling with our economy like they did before the 2008 crash.

Most Americans have no idea this is coming – and the Senate would prefer it stays that way. But we can’t let them get away with it.

Take the quiz to learn more about the Bank Lobbyist Act – then share the link with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Let them know the truth about the bill before it’s too late.