By Elizabeth Warren

 As you know, right now, Hurricane Sandy is pounding the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Coastal areas have been evacuated and flooding is expected. Thousands of Massachusetts families are without power tonight — and many are leaving their homes for emergency shelter and supplies. Bruce and I feel lucky tonight — we’re safe at home with our gold retriever Otis, with the power back on after a few hours off. We can still hear the wind gusting, blowing leaves and branches into the house.

Please stay safe no matter where you live by taking the following steps:

  • Stay inside if possible, but obey evacuation orders. Avoid flooded roads and washed out bridges.
  • Call 911 if you have an emergency. Call 211 if you need non-emergency assistance.
  • To find your nearest American Red Cross shelter, click here:
  • Monitor the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency for the latest news and updates about storm response.

For now, we focus on safety. Once the storm passes and we clean up, I hope to see you out on the campaign trail.