By Elizabeth Warren

We know what’s at stake if we lose the Democratic majority in the Senate.

    • Two years of a Senate that takes vote after vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act, weaken the rules on Wall Street, and regulate women’s bodies like it’s 1954.
    • Two years of a Senate not just filibustering bills on raising the minimum wage, equal pay for equal work, and student loan reform – but refusing to let them be considered at all.
    • Two years of a Senate that fights tooth and nail against any of the President’s nominees to the Supreme Court.
    • Two years of a Senate that cuts back further on the critical investments for our future – and uses intimidation tactic after intimidation tactic to stall the Administration and rig the system for the rich and powerful.

We know exactly what’s at stake for working families if we lose the Democratic majority. That’s why we’ve pulled hard together, so that our team has already stepped up to raise over $6 million for Democratic candidates and committees this election cycle. It’s also why I’ve criss-crossed the country this year to 15 different states to fight for our Democratic Senate and gubernatorial candidates with everything I’ve got.

And that’s why, with just 22 days to go until the election, I’ve decided this week to go back to Colorado and Minnesota for Mark Udall and Al Franken, and to go to Iowa for Bruce Braley. Simply put, we need all three of them to win on November 4th – and I’m willing to do whatever it takes.

I’m fighting my heart out to win in Colorado, Minnesota, Iowa, and states across the country to protect the Democratic majority, but I’m hoping you can help too. I know many of you have already helped out many times – and we’re all grateful – but if you can help again, please donate directly to Mark Udall, Al Franken, and Bruce Braley’s campaigns right now.

On the key issues about fighting for working families – about whether or not this government works for everyone or only for the big guys who have already made it – I know down to my toes that our Democratic candidates are in this together.

 And right now we need to be all in this together for Al, Mark, and Bruce:

    • In Minnesota, some polls show Al Franken’s lead may be slipping down to single digits in the final days of this campaign. I’m going to Minnesota because Al won his last election by only 312 votes, and no one’s taking anything for granted.
    • In Colorado, one poll shows Mark Udall up by three points, and another shows him down by six to extreme conservative Cory Gardner. I’m going to Colorado to remind everyone that this election is about whose side you stand on, and Mark Udall stands with women and families.
    • And in Iowa, Democratic congressman Bruce Braley is statistically tied with one of the most radical Republicans running for office this year, Joni Ernst. I’m going to Iowa because Bruce Braley shares our values – and working families can’t afford to have Ernst’s reckless and dangerous agenda strengthened in the United States Senate.  

I’m doing what I can to talk to people about why this election is so important, but it takes a lot of us pulling together. If you can, please donate directly to Mark, Al, and Bruce’s campaigns now. Together, we can make a difference.

This election has been a real fight – and it’s going to stay a real fight for the last three weeks of this campaign.

But if doing everything we can for 22 days means we’ll be able to spend the next two years pressing forward in our fight to give just a little bit of relief to single moms struggling on minimum wage, or to college students getting crushed with loans, or to women who just want access to birth control, then I’m ready for that fight.