By Mindy Myers, Campaign Manager

I wanted to share some incredible news with you.

Over the past three months, our campaign raised just over $12 million.

Now here’s the really special part:

  • 57% of our donations were $25 or less.
  • 82% of our donations were $50 or less.

53,577 men and women from Massachusetts have now contributed to Elizabeth’s campaign — and that number keeps growing each and every day.

You’ve a part of the strongest grassroots Senate campaign this country has ever seen. Now let’s turn this into the strongest Get Out the Vote campaign that Massachusetts has ever seen.

We’re looking for volunteers to Take On Election Day for Elizabeth — people who can make calls, knock on doors, drive people to the polls, and remind people to vote.

Can you help us on Election Day — or the days right before Election Day? Sign up to help now.

I’m amazed by the strength of this community each and every day — and I know we can count on you to help Elizabeth win on November 6th.

Thank you,


P.S. Wednesday is the Massachusetts voter registration deadline. I’m sure you’re already registered to vote — but you probably know someone who isn’t, or someone who recently moved and needs to re-register. Send this link to your friends. Email it, Facebook it, tweet it, text it — just make sure they fill out the form, print it, and stick it in the mail by Wednesday night: