By Lauren Miller, New Media Director

Gathered at NGP VAN, a Somerville-based small business, and joined by Congressman Mike Capuano, Mayor Joe Curtatone and NGP VAN founder Mark Sullivan, Senator Kerry praised Elizabeth’s proven record of standing up for middle class families to make sure they have a level playing field to succeed.

“I’ve known Elizabeth a long time, and I’ve been impressed not just by the things she’s fought for in this campaign, but in the issues she’s worked on in and out of government and in the power of her advocacy. I got to know of her when Ted Kennedy and I were fighting against a bankruptcy bill that was horribly unfair for working families who were struggling to hold on, and I’ve followed her work ever since. Her life’s work has been to fight for opportunities and fairness for working families and small businesses and we need more of that in the Senate today at a time when so many big economic challenges are in front of our country.

“Much is at stake for Massachusetts this November, including whether control of the United States Senate will fall into the hands of an aspiring Republican majority that would again aim to stop President Obama at every turn.  That too is a reason why this race is important, but just as important is the fact that I know that Elizabeth Warren will be a Senator who stands with working families in Washington just as she has her entire life.”

NGP VAN started in Sullivan’s living room and now employs 160 people.  In welcoming the crowd, Sullivan said, “As a small business, we don’t go to work saying we need more tax cuts, we say where are we going to find a qualified workforce.”