By Ted Kennedy, Jr.

As you can imagine, the Massachusetts senate race means a lot to me.

But it’s not because my father once held this seat.  It’s because my father’s dream lives on – and because his work is not yet complete.

My father fought his entire working life to ensure every American could live out the American Dream. As a Senator, he worked for decades to defend the defenseless, hold powerful interests to account, and move America forward in our long march towards equality.

That’s what mattered to my dad. He never cared about this seat being held by someone named Kennedy. But he cared a lot about this seat passing to someone who would continue his fight for justice.

That’s what matters to me, too. And that’s why I’m doing everything I can to help elect Elizabeth Warren as the next Senator from Massachusetts.

Elizabeth has earned our support over years of tireless work on behalf of middle class families. She understands that if we want to succeed as a nation, we must stand up for each other along the way. And she’s accomplished more than anyone in a generation to make sure the rich and powerful play by the same rules as everyone else.

Elizabeth is tough – she wasn’t called the “Sherriff of Wall Street” for nothing. But she also knows how to work across the aisle and get things done. My father taught me that to really make a difference, you have to treat your adversaries with respect – while holding firm on what you know to be right. That’s Elizabeth to a tee.

I firmly believe the next big step we can take together towards a better future is electing Elizabeth Warren to the United State Senate,  so I’m travelling across the Commonwealth talking to voters and encouraging folks to vote.

My father’s fight for justice — Elizabeth’s fight — our fight — is a long one. But as he used to tell me when we were sailing together many years ago, we will win this race because we will work the hardest — and we will persevere.