By Elizabeth Warren

One year ago today, the world changed.

I’m not talking about Donald Trump’s inauguration. I’m talking about the day after – the day five million of us took to the streets around the world. The Women’s March jump-started a movement – and called forth an unstoppable army for change.

We stood shoulder to shoulder and made it clear: We are here, we will not be silent, we will not roll over and play dead, and we will fight for what we believe in.

The crowds in Boston were like a giant family reunion. Women in pink hats. Men pushing strollers. Kids laughing and running. Babies and great-grannies. Hugs and laughter. And an ocean of signs– colorful, clever, creative.

When I looked out over that sea of 175,000 dedicated, passionate people spilling out of Boston Common, and when I saw the photos of the rallies happening all over the country and around the world, I felt hopeful. Because I knew that, together, we would make sure this day went down in history.

We knew this would be a hard fight. We knew that there would be dark moments – and this government shutdown might be one of our most frustrating moments yet. But I’ve spent every day since then fighting for what’s right – and so many of you have been right there alongside me.

That’s why I’m asking you to share your story today. Let’s make sure everyone knows that there are thousands of us still fighting side-by-side for an America where everyone has a fighting chance to succeed.

Let us know how you’ve persisted in the year since the Women’s March – and help inspire others to get back into the fight.

On this day last year, we were so loud that nobody – not even Donald Trump – could ignore us. We sent a powerful message that we won’t back down, and we won’t be quiet.

It’s time to be loud again, Lauren, and make sure everyone knows we’re still out here, we’re still fired up, and we will persist.

Tell us how you’ve persisted, and how you will continue to persist.