By Diane Masters

Senator Max Cleland of Georgia, a true American hero, spent the day campaigning for Elizabeth on Saturday with veterans from across Massachusetts.

After greeting voters in Melrose and Waltham, Senator Cleland joined Elizabeth in Beverly for a rally. The First Baptist Church was filled to the rafters with more than 800 people today to hear Senator Max Cleland address veterans and others about his support for Elizabeth Warren.

Several veterans for Warren took to the stage behind Cleland, led by Mayor Setti Warren of Newton, who served in Iraq. 

“Sharing the stage with all these veterans who served our country and Max Cleland, a true American hero, gives me goose bumps,” said Elizabeth, whose three brothers served in the military. “I learned what it means to have someone away and in harm’s way.  We are grateful as a country to every one of them.”

Cleland was severely injured in Vietnam but continued to serve his country by representing Georgia in the U.S. Senate.  

 “This is a very special woman,” Cleland said about Elizabeth after discussing her brothers’ service.  “I know that for sure cause I looked in her ‘binder.’”  Cleland emphasized that military families serve right along with loved ones on active duty. He added that Elizabeth prioritized military families at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and hired Holly Petraeus, wife of General David Petreaus, to set up the new Office for Servicemember Affairs.

Elizabeth expressed her gratitude to all the veterans in the audience.  “We have a sacred commitment to our vets and honoring the promises we made to them,” she said.  She promised to fight for veterans in the Senate and fight for opportunities like the GI Bill to be there for those returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Elizabeth and Max Cleland then went to Hopkinton for a rally at the Laborer’s Training Center, where they were joined by Joe Kennedy.