By Lauren Miller, New Media Director
On a beautiful Friday afternoon in Roslindale, Elizabeth was honored to receive the endorsement of Boston Mayor Tom Menino. You can watch the full video of his remarks here.

Mayor Menino said: “What if I was just a guy from Hyde Park who had a job with the city. Whose wife was an accountant and worried about their retirement savings. What if I was a guy who wondered how his two kids would send his six grandchildren to college. And whether they would have good jobs on the other end of that education. If I wasn’t the Mayor, who would speak up in Washington on my behalf? I thought to myself, if I was any guy from Hyde Park, Elizabeth Warren would have my back, and let me tell you folks, I have her back right now.”
Mayor Menino and Elizabeth spoke to supporters who had gathered in Adams Park in Roslindale Village – a place whose revitalization was overseen by Menino as District City Councilor and as Mayor. Elizabeth praised the Mayor’s leadership and his strong advocacy for working families and neighborhoods throughout Boston.