By Diane Masters

Elizabeth Warren - DB ReiffDB Reiff of Brighton understands first hand how important the issues in this year’s election are. As a child of immigrants, her earliest memories are of going to vote with her parents – small business owners who worked seven days a week keeping their candy store running. “I was taught even then that if the Democrat won, our lives would be better.”

DB likes to say that she was for Elizabeth before there was even a campaign. “When she testified before Congress and stood up to the Congressmen, I thought, ‘Wow.’ I have never seen anyone stand up like that in Congress. I couldn’t wait for her to get into the race.”

So when DB was asked to be the team leader for Allston Brighton, she stepped up. “I would do anything the campaign asked of me.”

DB says that, after organizing for several months, “I was lucky I got invited to ride on the train to the convention with Elizabeth out to Springfield. I asked to take a photo with her and she said sure, and she put her arm around me and pulled me closer. Then she told the photographer to take two shots, ‘Women always want two pictures,’ Elizabeth said.”

“Right now, in Allston and Brighton we are reaching out to people and asking them to talk to people they know about Elizabeth. Brighton has a very active elderly community and they need to know and understand how important the Affordable Care Act is for them. Closing that donut hole specifically affects them. I make sure when we are talking to people that we lead with what is good about Elizabeth. They need to appreciate that Elizabeth has been and always will be for the common people. The thing about Elizabeth is not only does she have a heart, she has guts and the brains to be kind of Senator we all want and deserve.”