By Diane Masters

Patrick Tai - Elizabeth Warren

Patrick Tai is a campaign novice. “I never had any political interest,” he says. “I voted, but that was it. But this January I started volunteering for Elizabeth Warren.”  

Patrick grew up in Hong Kong but came to the United States on a scholarship for college at Brandeis in 1963. He became a citizen in 1985. He says he is struck by Elizabeth’s economic plan and vision. “She’s for improving education, infrastructure, health care and in general looking forward. I am a scientist, this is important to me.  Another Democrat in the Senate will make a big difference.”
For the campaign, Patrick has helped organize Chinatown. He has reached out to voters, helped with voter registration drives, and distributed campaign literature.

“What’s been great about volunteering has been the many new friends I never would have met from lots of different fields. I’ve learned to be less timid and now I am not afraid to approach strangers. I also learned that not everyone thinks the same way. It is important to ask, ‘What is important to you’ and when I listen to people, they thank me profusely.”