By Senator John Kerry

Yesterday I enjoyed a busy day in Massachusetts on the campaign trail with Elizabeth Warren — and the enthusiasm for her is palpable — and building.

Let me underscore two things very quickly: one — Elizabeth’s campaign needs to keep growing its people-powered energy and that means we need your help, and two — I want you to know why I’m so committed to this race.

As I said in Somerville yesterday morning, I’m not making a case against anyone. I’m making a case for someone — and that someone is Elizabeth Warren. I’m not telling anyone how to vote. Folks in Massachusetts make their own decisions.

But there is something that I can do because I see it and live it every day: I can take my everyday view of the Senate and paint a clear picture of  the Senate you want vs. the Senate you risk having in January.

This race is bigger even than the two candidates — it’s a fight for the Senate itself. It will decide which party holds the majority and sets the agenda in the United States Senate.

The vote in Massachusetts in November will decide the outcome of the first and single most important vote cast in the Senate in January: the vote for the Majority Leader of the Senate — and the vote to choose the Chairs of the Committees. That vote determines what comes to the floor and what doesn’t — a vote that will decide whether the middle class gets a shot at fair tax reform or has the Ryan budget jammed at us. Whether Obamacare will survive. Whether new financial rules will disappear and we return to the policies that got us in trouble in the first place.

It matters whether the environment committee is chaired by a climate change denier.

It matters whether we have a Judiciary Committee Chairman who opposes Roe vs. Wade, and will block President Obama’s judicial nominees.

It matters whether we have key education, health, labor, Medicare, and Social Security committees in the hands of Chairmen and Chairwomen who believe in those priorities — or whether it’s going to be controlled by a Republican Party that this year is nominating candidates who actually — and these are their words — compare student loans to “Stage 3 cancer,” or a Budget Committee Chairman whose only gripe with the Ryan Budget — and again these are his words not mine — is that “Ryan’s plan doesn’t make large cuts fast enough.”

Some people call that “inside baseball” — I call it facts. And facts matter.

I’d hate to think that we’d reelect President Obama on the same day that we’d turn the Senate over to a majority that would do from the Senate floor what we’d never give Mitt Romney the chance to do from the White House.

This is a race I care about deeply in the state I love, and it’ll greatly affect the Senate which I revere.

Elizabeth Warren is a fighter — and she’ll be a great Senator if you can dig deep and help her get there.

Please join us today — and let’s go win this election!