By Elizabeth Warren

The polls just closed here in Massachusetts, and I’m home with my husband Bruce watching returns. I’ll be chewing what little I have left of my fingernails.

But before we find out who our next President will be – and which party will control the United States Senate – I wanted to stop to say THANK YOU.

This has been a long, tough, nasty campaign – and I’m sure most people are just glad that it’s finally over. But I’m proud to be a Democrat in this election. Proud of the debate that Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton had in our primary. Proud of the progressive platform that Hillary Clinton and our terrific Democratic Senate candidates fought for to the very end.

Democrats across the country, up and down the ballot, ran on raising the minimum wage. Debt-free college. Protecting and expanding Social Security. Equal pay for equal work. A woman’s right to decisions over her own body. Marriage equality. Common-sense gun reform. Fighting climate change. Overturning Citizens United. Holding Wall Street accountable when they break the law.

That agenda isn’t just a Democratic agenda – it’s an American agenda.  

We always knew that this night and this election wouldn’t be easy. The Republicans spent months underestimating Donald Trump and his disgusting campaign of fear and hate. And Mitch McConnell, the Koch Brothers, and other powerful interests spent literally hundreds of millions of dollars trying to drown our voices and buy the election for their hand-chosen candidates.

But I’m hopeful tonight. I’m hopeful because of the countless people I’ve met in states like New Hampshire, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, Missouri, North Carolina, Colorado – and right here in Massachusetts – who have been out there knocking on doors and making phone calls because our democracy is not for sale. I’m hopeful because of the thousands of people who have chipped in $5 or $10 at a time to raise millions of dollars for our Senate candidates to fight back. And I’m hopeful because we have you – and people like you all across the country – who are building a movement for real change.   

I hope that we have an amazing, historic, glass-shattering, majority-grabbing, get-down-and-boogie night of celebrating ahead of us. But no matter what happens tonight, I’m proud of all that we’ve done together. And, starting again tomorrow, we’re going to keep right on fighting to level the playing field for working families.

It’s an honor to fight alongside you.