By Elizabeth Warren

It’s been a brutal year.

We’re one year into a Trump presidency, and every day brings another assault on our values, our democracy, and our plain old common sense. Some days I’m just so frustrated about what’s happening to working people that I want to spit.

But it’s in tough times that good people show their greatest strength. Since Inauguration Day, millions of Americans have marched in the streets, signed up to run for office, called their representatives, showed up at the polls, and made their voices heard. Women – especially women of color – have fought harder than ever to demand accountability and action.

Together, we’ve resisted and persisted in our fight for the America we believe in. And we won’t back down now.

Nothing about the past year has been normal. Not just for the hate and fear, the lies and the broken promises, the damage done and the pain inflicted – but also for the incredible acts of defiance and persistence, big and small, in Massachusetts and across the country.

Women and men are speaking up and making our voices heard. It’s making a real difference.

You can help inspire others to join the fight: Will you share your story with us today?

How have you persisted in the past year? Have you joined a group? Attended a rally? Volunteered? Talked to someone you don’t know at the grocery store or the gas station?

How are you demanding accountability and fighting for a more fair and equal America? Share your story and help us recruit more people into this fight.

I can’t wait to hear from you. No matter what comes next, we’re in this together.