By Diane Masters

More than one hundred and twenty people packed into the Warren headquarters this morning for coffee and donuts with Elizabeth Warren and women’s rights advocate Sandra Fluke.

Fluke came to national attention in February 2012 when Congressional Republicans prohibited her from testifying, instead hearing from a panel of men on a question of women’s health. Rush Limbaugh and other conservatives then launched personal attacks on Sandra’s integrity.

She took on Scott Brown in her remarks. “He did not stand up for the women of Massachusetts when he voted against equal pay for equal work. He took his one opportunity to vote for a woman for the Supreme Court and he voted against her.”

She stressed that the Blunt Amendment, which Brown co-sponsored, was a sweeping attack on men and women’s health care, and was quite unpopular because it was so extreme.

She endorsed Elizabeth Warren as “one of the women on the public stage that I look to. I have so much respect for her diligence and integrity.“