By Doug Rubin, Senior Advisor

Looks like Scott Brown has found himself a new spokesperson.

Sarah Palin went on Fox News yesterday to say it was “idiotic” for Elizabeth Warren to speak at the Democratic National Convention — and then she called Elizabeth a Marxist. No really, she called her a Marxist.

Take a look for yourself:

I’d like to tell you that this clip is just Sarah Palin being Sarah Palin. But it’s not. It’s worse than that.

Scott Brown spent months trying to brand himself as an independent guy. But with the polls deadlocked and his fundraising lead slipping away, he abandoned that plan last week — launching a full-scale attack on President Obama and tethering himself to his old pal Mitt Romney.

Now the big right-wing names are rolling in to help him. Sarah Palin. Glenn Beck. Rush Limbaugh. Any Republican with a microphone seems to have joined Scott Brown’s cause to silence Elizabeth and tear down this campaign.

They’re doing it because they’re scared — not just of Elizabeth, but of you. They know that they can’t compete with this incredible grassroots organization that’s out there knocking on doors, making phone calls, and funding this campaign $5 or $10 at a time.

If Sarah Palin’s attacking you, you must be doing something right. Keep it up.