By Elizabeth Warren

How does Scott Brown plan to win in November?

His answer is to talk about anything except how he votes on jobs, education, the environment, oil subsidies, or special deals for Wall Street.

Today, he launched a new television ad that doesn’t say a thing about the challenges facing Massachusetts families. It’s an ugly, nasty attack on my family and our heritage.

I’m releasing a new tv ad that sets the record straight about my family. Watch it and share it with your friends to make sure the truth is heard:

I don’t care how Scott Brown describes himself in his TV ads, but I do care about how he votes.

  • Last fall, with almost a quarter of a million people out of work here in Massachusetts, Scott Brown voted against three jobs bills.
  • When some of us were working to rein in Wall Street, Scott Brown was personally negotiating to weaken the rules and to give the big banks a $19 billion dollar break.
  • Scott Brown cosponsored a bill to let employers block coverage for routine cancer screenings and birth control.
  • Scott Brown voted against funding for summer jobs and voted twice to let the interest rate on student loans double.
  • And Scott Brown voted to limit the EPA’s authority and repeatedly voted to give billions in subsidies to big oil companies.

This election boils down to one question: whose side do you stand on?

We know where Scott Brown stands — and it’s not with the people of Massachusetts. It’s with big money and his Republican buddies.

Scott Brown can keep attacking my family. I’m going to keep fighting for yours.