By Dorchester Reporter

US Senator Elizabeth Warren addressed a range of national and local issues at a Thursday evening town hall sponsored by the Dorchester Reporter. A crowd of 400 people at the Boston Teachers Union hall on Columbia Point listened and engaged with the state’s senior senator as the Reporter’s news editor Jennifer Smith moderated the forum and asked questions. A video of the town hall can be viewed here.

Warren fielded questions from the audience on topics ranging from health care for veterans and affordable housing to whether she thinks President Donald Trump should be impeached.

“This is serious business,” Warren said when answering the impeachment question. “Right now I believe it is absolutely critical that the special counsel, Mueller, be allowed to complete his investigation in full with no interference form anyone, Democrat or Republican, and make a full report, We need to see what his report says and then we take whatever are the appropriate next steps.”

Jennifer Smith of the Reporter pressed Warren to explain her plan to address gun violence, the national opioid crisis and climate change.

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