By Elizabeth Warren

Yesterday, August 14, was a special day. It was the day that President Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act into law, 83 years ago.

Social Security was built on a simple, but powerfully important, idea: that after a lifetime of hard work, seniors have the right to retire with dignity. For millions of Americans, it’s all that stands between them hanging by their fingernails and living in poverty.

People pay into Social Security based on a promise our country made to them: that when they retire, if they suffer an accident, or if they get sick, that the support they’ve earned will be there for them.

But the Republicans are fine with breaking that promise. They’re using every scare tactic in the book to convince people that Social Security is on the brink of collapse – that we must cut benefits to save our economy.

We’re fighting back in all directions. These programs aren’t just about money – they are a reflection of our values. That’s why it’s so critical we take back the House and Senate this November. We cannot fail on the promise we made to hard working Americans 83 years ago. And we’re not going to be the first generation in which our children do worse than we did.

Sign our petition on the 83rd birthday of Social Security and make your voice heard: We believe in protecting and expanding Social Security.