By Elizabeth Warren

Our team just told me something incredible: they’ve been crunching the numbers, and we’re about to hit one million donations for our Senate re-election campaign.

This news nearly knocked me off my feet.

In 2012, we built the biggest grassroots campaign in Senate history – a campaign that set records with over 600,000 donations by Election Day. And since that time, we’ve only gotten stronger.

Some politicians might say: Big deal! I can just get a big corporation to write a check for any amount I want – I don’t need a million donations.

But I would rather take a million small donations from people who believe in this fight than be bought by a Wall Street billionaire or powerful interest group.

It’s a big election year. I know you probably get a bazillion e-mails a day asking for money. And I know that every email (including this one) always has a “donate” button at the bottom. But that is how we continue to build and strengthen this grassroots army. And still to this day, we’re proud that we’re setting the standard for every Senate campaign in the country. That’s incredible.

Will you chip in now and help us make history again by giving our one millionth donation this election cycle?

There’s a saying that has been a part of our campaign ever since I decided to run for the Senate: “The best senator money can’t buy.” I love that sentence. I say it to myself every day and every night.

I’m not in Washington to work for Wall Street or Big Oil or the billionaires who have already made it. I’m not there to protect the overflowing pockets of the rich and powerful.

I’m here to fight for those who can’t afford to hire armies of lawyers and lobbyists – and to make government work for the people.

Across Massachusetts and around the country, I’ve met many of the people who own a piece of our campaign. They’re teachers and nurses and construction workers who bust their tails every day, but just need a level playing field. They’re seniors counting every penny of their Social Security, but want to leave a better world for their kids and grandkids. They’re young people who are getting crushed with student loans, but know they can’t afford to sit on the sidelines.

When people work together, we can stand up to even the most powerful interests. We’ve done it before, and we can do it again.

Will you chip in right now to give the one millionth donation to our campaign this election cycle? Help keep this grassroots army stronger than ever to win in Massachusetts and help Democratic candidates fight back across the country.

The honor of fighting side-by-side with you is something I will never, ever take for granted. I carry this appreciation in my heart every single day.

Not even the biggest billionaire can buy this kind of appreciation – and we’re just getting started.