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Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos is the worst Secretary of Education that this country has ever seen. And it’s not even close. Here’s the latest reason why: At the end of July, it was reported she’s moving to make it easier for shady for-profit colleges to get away with cheating people. She’ll let for-profit schools suck down taxpayer … Continued

That vote was important

The Republicans filibustered our student loans bill earlier this year, voting to keep interest rates high on student loans so that they could protect tax loopholes for billionaires. Now it is election time, and it’s time for a little accountability.   And it is happening in states like New Hampshire, North Carolina, Oregon, and Kentucky. … Continued

I’m calling their bluff

The excuses have started. Once again, the Republicans blocked a vote on our student loans bill – and now that they are about to head home to face voters, they are pouring out the excuses. Excuse #1:  Some Republicans say that the benefit of letting people refinance their student loans is too small. Too small? … Continued

Bank on Students

Last year, we fought to lower the interest rates on student loans – and nearly all the Republicans in Washington agreed with us that rates were far too high. So Congress lowered the rates for new borrowers this year – not as much as we would have liked, but some. But Congress did nothing for … Continued

They did everything we told them to do

Last year, you and I fought to lower the interest rate on new federally subsidized student loans. During that fight, I also heard from a lot of young people being crushed by their old student loans. They did everything we told them to do: They worked hard, got good grades, went to college and learned … Continued

I’m in this fight for the long haul

We won’t win every fight — at least, not the first time out. This week, the Senate passed a student loans bill that asks tomorrow’s students to pay drastically higher interest rates to finance lower rates today. The vote may be over, but our fight to make college more affordable — and the fight for … Continued

The whole system stinks

I’ve spent years fighting back against credit card companies that put out zero-interest teaser rate cards, planning to jack up the price later and make all their profits in the fine print. I also fought back against teaser rate mortgages that promised low payments in the first few years, but then shot up to rates … Continued

We can’t do this to our kids

The government will make $51 billion in profit off of federal student loans this year. That’s five times the money Google made in profit in 2012. In fact, it’s more than any Fortune 500 company made last year. It’s obscene. Our government should help students who are trying to get an education, not figure out … Continued