By Elizabeth Warren

Our country’s gun laws are already full of gigantic loopholes. And the Trump administration wants to punch in a brand-new one.

They recently settled a legal case that would allow a private website to publish downloadable blueprints for 3D-printable guns.

Here’s what that could mean: Without going through a background check, and without getting a license or a permit, someone could create their very own untraceable, homemade plastic gun – even if they’re not legally allowed to own a firearm.

A homemade plastic gun wouldn’t set off a metal detector. It wouldn’t come with a serial number, so police officers wouldn’t be able to trace its owner from a crime scene. And it would create a clear and present danger in Massachusetts and across the country.

Just hours before the online instructions were about to go live, a federal judge temporarily blocked them – but we need the Trump administration to take action to make it permanent.

Sign our petition: Tell the Trump administration to block shady internet sites from publishing instructions to make untraceable 3D-printed guns.

Recently, Donald Trump tweeted that allowing homemade plastic guns “doesn’t seem to make much sense!” Well, then he shouldn’t have let his State Department bring us so close to the brink of making that a reality.

Trump also tweeted that he “Already spoke to NRA” about it.

I bet I know what they had to say. The NRA thinks that downloadable guns wouldn’t be such a big deal – and that they represent “freedom and innovation.” Personally, I don’t think there should be “innovation” in any way to let guns end up in the hands of domestic abusers, or terrorists, or anybody who poses a threat to our kids, families, and communities.

Trump is singing one tune for now, but once he gets his song-sheet from the NRA, he’ll join their downloadable-guns-on-demand choir – unless his administration gets an earful of public pressure from supporters of commonsense gun reform.

We all need to raise our voices, and here’s a fighter we can look to as an example: Our terrific Massachusetts Attorney General, Maura Healey.

Massachusetts has some of the toughest gun laws in the country. And Maura Healey has been fighting to stop copycat assault weapons – and now this 3D-printed threat – every way she can, even with the NRA openly attacking her.

But we all need to get in this fight to keep people safe in our schools and on our streets.

Add your name here to raise your voice: Sign the petition and tell the Trump administration to block untraceable, 3D-printed plastic guns.