By Elizabeth Warren

Wayne LaPierre – the head of the NRA – gave a big speech today and made it clear that he isn’t a fan of mine.

And you know what? That’s perfectly fine by me. The feeling is mutual. I don’t want the support of a radical extremist who puts the profits of the gun industry before the safety of our children in Massachusetts and across the country.

But he didn’t just go after me, or Kamala Harris, or Bernie Sanders. He went after you, too. He called us “socialists” and “saboteurs.” And he said that our agenda is “terrifying.” That’s how he describes people who believe in more gun safety.

If Wayne LaPierre thinks we’re terrifying, he ain’t seen nothing yet.

After the tragedy in Parkland, Florida last week, the NRA has been working around the clock to stop the national movement for common-sense gun reform in this country. Including, it seems, bullying leaders who side with high school students over gun lobbyists.

It’s disgusting, but it’s not going to shut us up.

We’re going to fight to make sure powerful assault weapons don’t fall into the hands of a person that might use those weapons to harm others. We’re going to fight for basic background checks for so dangerous people can’t purchase weapons. We’re going to fight so our children can to go to school without worrying they might get shot and killed in their classroom.

I’m used to being called names. When you fight against reckless big banks, corporate crooks and greedy Wall Street executives, you make a few powerful enemies.

Wayne LaPierre can call me whatever he wants. He doesn’t scare me. But you know what scares Wayne LaPierre? He’s scared that the people of America will lift their voices and demand action – and that his name-calling and bullying won’t work anymore.

I’m going to fight the NRA at every turn until we have sensible gun policies that keep our country safe.