By Mindy Myers, Campaign Manager

Today, Elizabeth received the endorsement of The Boston Globe. They wrote:

Warren sells herself short with her big applause line: “I don’t care about Scott Brown’s truck; I care how he votes.” Yes, her vote would be more reliably in line with Massachusetts’ traditional liberalism. But the real promise in her candidacy lies deeper in her character. She’s a relentless striver whose life story represents the best of American upward mobility. As a young mother, she worked her way through community colleges and state universities to become the nation’s top expert on financial consumer protection.

Warren would do more for Massachusetts.

With only nine days to go until Election Day, I need you to do one easy thing for Elizabeth today: Share this editorial with your friends, your family, your coworkers, your neighbors — anyone in Massachusetts who may need one more little nudge to vote for Elizabeth on November 6th.

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Elizabeth’s out there every day fighting for working families, and it’s thanks to your incredible support.