By Elizabeth Warren

When Washington works for the rich and powerful, everyone feels it.

Kicking 23 million people off their health insurance doesn’t matter so much to those who can still afford to see any doctor they want. Gutting Head Start and public education doesn’t sting the same way for those who can afford to send their kids to fancy private schools.

But there is no bubble world or alternative planet for the rich and powerful to hide from the devastating impact of climate change.

Since taking office, President Trump and his team have given one handout after another to Big Oil and Big Coal at the expense of hardworking families. Trump may be happy to ignore science, abandon America’s leadership role in the world, and sell out to a handful of giant corporations and ideological extremists, but we must do better. A heck of a lot better.

Join me now to condemn President Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris Accord climate agreement.

If we stop handing out massive tax breaks to subsidize the dirty fossil fuels of the past – some of the most profitable corporations in the world – and invest now in a 21st century energy system, we can create good, clean energy jobs and lower the costs of production for all of our businesses. We can protect our national treasures that are essential for jobs and economic growth in the tourism industry. We can help deal with public health crises like asthma and lung cancer. We can put our national security first by not being beholden to OPEC or entangled with foreign dictators.

And, yes: we can try to save the planet for our children and grandchildren.

President Trump can bury his head in the sand, but the rest of us aren’t going to bend so easily. The character of this country isn’t determined by its President – but by its people.

Sign up now to condemn President Trump’s Paris decision.

Yesterday was a bad day for our country. A really bad day. And it’s one more reason we must all be in the fight. We’ve got to be effective, we’ve got to be focused, and we’ve got to make change in Washington.

We have a moral duty to fight.