By Roger Lau, Political Director

Take a look —

More than a thousand people came to Elizabeth’s rally in Worcester this weekend.

Incredible, right? But that’s just the beginning.

Then our supporters filled a whole church for a rally in Beverly.

And a union hall in Hopkinton.

And a high school gym in Northampton.

I even think everyone in Shelburne Falls — population 1700 — showed up to watch the Pats game with Elizabeth at the pub. It was so packed with supporters, she could barely get in the bar!

I want you to know — even if you can’t meet Elizabeth at a campaign stop, your grassroots support is making a difference.

You’re the reason why Elizabeth is able to speak to so many people across Massachusetts about what’s at stake in this election — on TV, radio, online and in person.

We’ve only got 15 more days until the election — and your final support could be what pushes Elizabeth over the top.

Thank you for all you’ve done to make this possible.