By Elizabeth Warren

In just a few hours, the Senate will come back from a week-long break.

Their first order of business? No, not gun reform. Not the DREAM Act. This week’s priority is to roll back the financial regulations that we passed after the 2008 crisis for 25-30 of the biggest banks in this country.

The first procedural vote in the Senate to roll back the banking regulations is scheduled for tomorrow. Right now, they have the votes both from the Republicans AND Democrats to do it.

Most Americans have no idea this is coming – and the Senate would prefer it stays that way. A majority of Americans – Democrats, Republicans, and Independents – support stronger rules on Wall Street, not weaker ones. The only way we have even a fighting chance to stop this bill is to let the American people know it’s happening – and tell them they need to fight back.

There’s an important new piece about this week’s vote to dismantle Dodd-Frank. Please read it – then share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

I don’t kid myself: We’re up against one of the biggest and most powerful lobbying forces that this country has ever seen. The financial industry spent $1 million a day trying to stop Wall Street reform after the crash 10 years ago – and they’ve spent money every day since then trying to roll back those rules.

But we can’t win if we don’t fight back.

Let your friends and family know what’s happening in the Senate this week. Make sure they know whose side their senators are on: big banks or the American people. It’s that simple.