By Elizabeth Warren

Last night, Congress broke our country’s promise to 7,900 young immigrant “Dreamers” in Massachusetts.

After delivering tax breaks to wealthy GOP donors, Republicans in Congress decided they wanted to go on Christmas break as quickly as possible. Because of the way the program was set up, every day that goes by, about 122 Dreamers lose status – which means they lose the protection that lets them go to school, to work, to take a simple trip to the grocery store without getting picked up by ICE agents. But the Republicans insisted on kicking the can down the road on funding the government and passing a bill that will keep the lights on for just a few more weeks – without a single word about the Dreamers.

Are you kidding me?! Congress shouldn’t leave town to celebrate the holidays with our families while Dreamers risk being ripped apart from theirs.

This week, thousands of young Dreamers from all across the country came to Washington for the fight of their lives. Their powerful voices could be heard echoing through the Capitol halls. One young woman I met was a valedictorian of East Boston High School, and she had earned a college scholarship. Another young man I met was a talented artist from Dorchester who had recently completed a mural celebrating Vietnamese culture. If we won’t fight for them, then who will we fight for?

We’ve had enough with government that only works for the rich and the powerful. We want a government that works for the people.

We believe in dreams – and we will fight for the Dreamers. This isn’t over.