By Brockton Enterprise

With more than 200 people waiting in a line that wrapped around West Middle School in Brockton, U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren brought her town hall meeting outside.

“This gives a whole new meaning to grassroots democracy. We stand in the grass and do democracy,” said Warren, the Massachusetts Democrat, who’s running for re-election this year, speaking to the crowd gathered around the front steps of the school. “I wish we were inside all comfortably seated, but you know, we’re a tough lot. It takes a lot more to slow us down than just locking us out of the building, right? So everyone wanted to be cautious. The most important thing is we keep everybody safe. … We will turn what was going to be a town hall into a town picnic, together.”

Warren spoke about the opioid crisis, health insurance, gerrymandering, net neutrality and other issues, taking questions from a handful of town hall participants, standing outside in the sun. As people waited in a line outside before the even started, members of the Warren campaign passed out bottled water, and chairs were provided to those who couldn’t stand. Afterward, most of the crowd lined up to take pictures and selfies with Warren.

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