By Elizabeth Warren

Senate Republicans are about 24 hours away from passing a bill that raises taxes for middle class families so that billionaires, foreign investors, and giant corporations can pay less.

And if that wasn’t unfair enough: health care coverage for 13 million Americans could disappear if the Republicans pass this bill.

This scam isn’t about helping working families. It’s about helping wealthy Republican donors who promised millions of dollars in campaign contributions in return for billions of dollars in tax giveaways.

Every Senate Republican voted to move the bill forward tonight. Every Democrat voted no. Right now we simply do not have the votes to stop this bill.

But that doesn’t mean things are impossible. We didn’t have the votes to stop the Republicans’ “health care” bill either – until people like you made your voices heard. Our power isn’t on Capitol Hill right now – it’s with you.

Call your friends with Republican Senators. Show up in-person. Protest. Post. Tweet. We need you to speak out every way you can to stop this terrible bill before tomorrow’s expected vote.

Remind the Senate: Washington shouldn’t work for the rich and powerful – it should work for working people.